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If you are looking for purchasing a basketball training machine or doing business for it, you come to the right place , we are the professional manufacturer for producing and selling high intelligent basketball rebounding training machines for years already.

basketball rebounding training machine

In Training basketball machine Market , there are different brands for selling now, each brand has its own advantage . siboasi brand basketball machine is popular in Global Market all these years, What is the main reason to make it so popular ? 

A. The attractive design ;

B. Competitive price;

C.  Easy to store;

D. The contructure is different from other brands, could make it shoot far and more accurately ;

E.  With moving wheels, could move it to anywhere you want.

basketball training rebounding machine

There are two popular model options to choose now :

A.  Basketball machine with remote control K1900 model;

B. Basketball throwing machine without remote control K1800 model;

basketball rebounder machine basketball training equipment

basketball machine with remote controlsiboasi basketball machine

More details for you to check :

1. Voltage could be 110-240V for different countries;

2.Suitable for ball size 6 and size 7;

3.Could be fixed poing ball shooting ;

4.Ball capacity: 1-3 balls ;

5.Frequency: 2.7-6 S/ ball ;

6.Half circle court ball shooting for different training ;

7.Ball speed and frequencey could be adjusted as players need;

8. Power : 150W ;

9. Stored product size : 90*64*165 CM;

10.Net machine weight : 120 kgs;


See feedbacks from clients :

A. Basketball shooting machine with extra 4 fuses for free

The entire Siboasi team made this a very good experience!! The product is very high quality and easy to use! I highly recommend them for any of their products. They are great!!

B. basketball shooting machine good

C. basketball machine

D. basketball shooting ball machine

If you want to buy a good basketball training machine ,please contact us directly :


Post time: Jul-07-2021
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