Basketball spirit outside the field-smart basketball rebounding machine

The K2101AW smart basketball shooting ball machine is a professional training equipment that can better understand the spirit of every player in the NBA team. If it is said: “Never say lose, dare to shine, strive and forge ahead” are the spiritual qualities of NBA players, then K2101AW smart basketball equipment is to cultivate excellent basketball geniuses through daily training.

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It has nothing to do with the frenetic stage, it has nothing to do with the ear-splitting cheer, and it has nothing to do with the dazzling trophy. The basketball spirit of K2101AW smart basketball training ball machine is to use one’s skilled skills and rich experience to refresh the game record.

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When K2101AW adjusts the serving frequency to 2.9 seconds, the amount of touches in a day is equivalent to 36 times the usual. Challenges are upgraded, combat effectiveness is improved, and skills are more skilled.

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When the simulation training mode is turned on, multiple service modes such as fixed-point kick, spin ball, horizontal swing serve, loop serve, random ball, etc. can be trained to simulate the real game experience and train player skills in an all-round way.

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A unique smart basketball practice machine equipment that combines the advantages of intelligence + technology + fun + things. Accurately and efficiently launch a variety of difficult technical balls, combined with the no time difference on-screen display technology, allowing trainers to observe their own exercise effect and growth rate in real time.

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Craftsmanship, keep improving. After more than one hundred mold adjustments, more than three hundred component adjustments, and more than two hundred prototypes were scrapped, it was only to create a masterpiece that surpassed the classics.

Intelligent networking, full control of the field. The mobile APP+SS-TWS2 sports watch can be controlled by the network, allowing you to exercise as you like and enjoy it.

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What kind of experience is it like partnering with K2101AW smart basketball shooting machine ? It’s like a friend who knows each other. It can give you what you need.

Post time: Sep-30-2021
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