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Are you searching to buy a good tennis training machine ? See a lot brands on market , but hard to know which kind is suitable for you ? Tennis ball training machine seems have different kinds of models in different functions and different cost , hard to decide to go which one ?  What if I can not get my machine after paying ? What is the warranty I get if buying overseas ? etc.

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All the questions above for buying tennis shooting ball machine, could find answers here . In current market , famous brands for tenis machine like : Siboasi , lobster, spinfire , these three brands are popular in global market all these years,  clients always like to compare them to see which one is the best , but how to say, each brand has its own advantages , can not just says which is the best in market , but could say which is the best suitable one for you .

Lobster,  USA brand , only sell tennis training ball machine , got a lot of fans , people more like USA brand , they have a lot of fans all over the world .

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Spinfire, Australian brand , sell tennis ball shooting machine and string racket machine also, their famous model is spinfire pro 2 .

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Siboasi , Chinese Brand,  Manufacture portable tennis ball machines directly since 2006 , has own factory , and also produce and sell basketball machine, badminton feeding machine, squash ball training machine, rackets string machine, football shooting ball machine, volleyball training equipment etc. , and padel machine on sale soon.  Siboasi tenis ball machine with remote control , with battery , and With watch type will on sale soon, as well with APP type will be on sale for market . Siboasi ball machines have been sold to over 100+ countries and regions, with great stable quality, overseas customers have nothing to worry, but just enjoy to use the great machine for improving tennis skills and getting more fun .

T1600 tennis ball machine

The top and popular model for siboasi brand is S4015 model and T1600 model all these years:

1. Both with long lasting battery -about 5 hours per full charging;

2. Both could program out different drills as trainers want ;

3. T1600 is cheaper than S4015 model, but S4015 model has some more functions;

4.S4015 is toppets and hottest model all these years in Market ; Was tested by market ;

5. Very portable to anywhere;

6. White , red , black color available;



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Post time: Nov-12-2021
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