China Tennis Tour CTA1000 Guangzhou Huangpu Station ended successfully

On October 31, the 2021 China Tennis Tour CTA1000 Guangzhou Huangpu Station and the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Tennis Open ended successfully. During the event, the event organizing committee cleverly integrated non-heritage, cultural and creative, special catering and events, and presented them online in the form of a carnival, adding bright colors to the Guangzhou Huangpu Station of the China Tennis Tour under the epidemic.
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Compared with last year’s CTA800 event, Guangzhou Huangpu Station was upgraded to CTA1000 event this year. The biggest highlight is the cultural improvement. From the opening ceremony of the 2000 pigeon pigeons of the Guangdong Provincial Pigeon Association and the Guangzhou Pigeon Association, to the appearance of the representative project of Guangdong Provincial Intangible Cultural Heritage “Yangjiang Kite” at the International Tennis School in Guangzhou Development Zone, to the Lingnan Lion Dance Tennis courts ignite the passion of the players, the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area “Guangdong Tennis Happy Guangdong” Tennis Carnival and the “Net Gravity” Tennis Culture Salon are exciting online and offline. The cultural and creative products of the teenagers in Huangpu District are sought after by the players.

Although the new crown pneumonia epidemic has brought great difficulties to the preparation and holding of the event, the smooth progress of the game and the deep integration of sports competition, public welfare and industry have made the Guangzhou Huangpu Station of the China Tennis Tour continue to be the most distinctive and culturally rich station of the CTA1000 .
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On the 31st, on the last day of the competition, Wu Yibing and Zheng Wu both won the men’s and women’s singles championships, and Sun Fajing/Trigele and Zhu Lin/Han Xinyun won the men’s and women’s doubles championships. In the evening, the freshly released champions and runners-up players appeared on the water show and floral tennis wine on the shore of the Pearl River. The night of the championship, marking a successful end to the Guangzhou Grand Ceremony of the China Tour.
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In the first women’s singles final that day, No. 5 seed Zheng Wushuang won his first women’s singles championship trophy on the China Tennis Tour, and Gao Xinyu won the runner-up. Subsequently, the five champions of the China Tour Wu Yibing and Sun Fajing continued their last stop. After Linfen met again in the finals, in the end, Wu Yibing won the sixth Chinese Tour championship title as he wished, and Sun Fajing won the runner-up.

In doubles, Sun Fajing and Wu Yibing met again after a short break after the men’s singles final. As a result, Sun Fajing/Trigele pulled back and won the men’s doubles trophy; in women’s doubles, defending champion and top seed Zhu Lin/Han Xinyun won the championship. , Fengshuo/Zheng Wu both won the runner-up.
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Wu Yibing, the defending champion of men’s singles at Guangzhou Station and runner-up in men’s doubles, said that the Chinese Tour provides a good platform for Chinese players in the current epidemic.

The China Tour was founded in 2020 and is an independent IP event for Chinese tennis. Wu Yibing is the biggest winner of this event. Last year he won 3 championships including the finals. This year he increased the number of championships to 6. He said with a smile , Will store the championship trophy in its own honor room, “Of course, not only the championship trophy is the most precious, some runner-up and third-place medals are also worth commemorating.”

In the competition of the past week, all the tennis masters currently guarding the country participated in the competition, making Guangzhou Huangpu Station, which was upgraded to the CTA1000 event, star-studded and lively.
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Liu Peng, former Party Secretary and Director of the State Sports General Administration, Song Luzeng, Vice Chairman of the OCA and Chairman of the Sports Committee of the Asian Olympic Committee, Huang Wei, Deputy Director of the Tennis Management Center of the State Sports General Administration, Wang Yuping, Secretary of the Party Leadership Group and Director of the Guangdong Sports Bureau, Guangdong Mai Liang, deputy director of the Provincial Sports Bureau and chairman of the Guangdong Tennis Association, Ouyang Ziwen, director of the Guangzhou Sports Bureau, Wei Shengfan, chairman of Beijing China Open Sports Management Co., Ltd., and Peng Lingchang, general manager, deputy head of Huangpu District, Guangzhou, District Sports Bureau Director He Yuhong, Deputy General Manager Dong Yu of Time China Guangzhou Company, Chairman Wu Yuling of Macau Tennis Association, Honorary Chairman Xu Hongsheng of Guangdong Tennis Association, Honorary Chairman Luo Yaohua and other leading guests attended the post-match related activities and presented awards to the winning athletes. .
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Huang Wei, deputy director of the Tennis Management Center of the State Sports General Administration, said that the 2020 China Tour Guangzhou Huangpu Station won the “China Tennis Tour Outstanding Contribution Award”, which laid a solid foundation for the comprehensive upgrade of the CTA1000 event at Guangzhou Huangpu Station this year. I hope Guangdong Tennis Club Taking this as an opportunity, we will continue to consolidate the tennis culture, build brand events, cultivate tennis talents, and deliver high-level players to make outstanding contributions to the development of China’s tennis industry!
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Mai Liang, deputy director of the Guangdong Provincial Sports Bureau and chairman of the Guangdong Tennis Association, said that the competition lasted for 8 days. With the hard work of the contestants and the joint efforts of all staff and volunteers, the competition was standardized, safe and effective. sequence. With the trust and care of the General Administration Network Management Center and the China Tennis Association, the event was a complete success, brilliant, and the brand effect continued to expand. The successful settlement of the China Tour in Guangdong once again is not only the meaning of our province’s promotion of the construction of a strong sports province to a new level, but also an important measure to successfully host the 2025 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area National Games. It is an inevitable requirement to be in the forefront of the country and create new glory in the new journey of building a modern socialist country.
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Guangzhou Huangpu Station launched a full-scale live broadcast report, with up to 17 live broadcasts through CCTV5, CCTV5+ and Olympic Channel, which created a good atmosphere for the competition, provided high-quality communication for tennis lovers, and formed a strong tennis culture. At the same time, the Guangdong Provincial Sports Bureau, Guangzhou Sports Bureau, Guangdong Tennis Association, and Huangpu District of Guangzhou also organized various forces to enrich tennis culture and promote the development of industrial integration.

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