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A. Tennis has developed to this day and has become the second largest sport in the world.

In the 1970s, due to the introduction of short tennis, the age of learning tennis was greatly advanced. You can start learning to play at the age of three.Currently also have kinds of tennis ball coaching machines for shooting balls out and tennis training aid device  in market to help tennis players .
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In the 1960s, professional players were allowed to enter amateur competitions, which enabled the world’s tennis skills and competition levels to be rapidly improved! The development of science and technology has made tennis rackets change from wooden rackets to aluminum alloys to carbon, making the racket lighter, easier to handle, and more powerful. However, none of this has changed people’s evaluation of learning tennis, that is, tennis is very good. It’s hard to learn. Many people have to give up after studying for a while. To this end, ITF (International Tennis Federation) launched Kuaiyi Tennis (English name Play&Stay) to the world in 2007, with the purpose of attracting lost students, reducing losses, and expanding the tennis population.
In addition to short tennis and quick and easy tennis, many Chinese and foreign coaches have their own set of teaching methods for beginners. It is often seen that when coaches at home and abroad teach beginners, the coach holds a ball, stretches his arm to the ground, and the student pats the ball. This scene can be seen at home and abroad.
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B. The teaching method characteristics of contemporary beginners learning tennis.
To teach beginners to learn tennis, the teaching method can be divided into two stages:
(1) The first step: positioning the ball at a fixed point. The coach stands still, stretches his arms to release the ball, and the ball’s landing point remains unchanged and accurate. The student stood still on his side and swung the bat to hit the ball.
In this mode, the hitting point is well grasped, which is very beneficial to the students. The fixed and correct hitting point is the primary condition for the students to repeat the correct action. Once the hitting point changes, the swing hits the ball. It will change and the correct action will be lost. Therefore, it has become the consensus of Chinese and foreign coaches to teach beginners. Although contemporary ball machines have been around for nearly a hundred years, Chinese and foreign coaches still use the teaching method of placing the ball at a fixed point with straight arms.
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In this mode, the hitting point is fixed, and the action of swinging and hitting the ball can be repeated, but it is not enough. You must also learn the correct movement of the body’s center of gravity. In this way, in the fixed-point positioning mode, the hands and feet learn to play at the same time. This means that the students should not only pay attention to the swing of the hand to hit the ball, but also the movement of the center of gravity of the footsteps, which presents difficulties. It is very difficult for beginners to use both hands and feet at the beginning, and at the same time learn to deal with the wave of the hand and the movement of the center of gravity of the foot.
(2) In the second stage, learn to move and hit the ball. At this time the coach will throw the ball with his hand or send the ball with a racket. Regardless of whether it is tossing the ball by hand or the coach using the racket to deliver the ball, it is impossible to repeatedly send the ball to the same point. This has a consequence: because the landing point is always changing, the hitting point is also changing, and the step point has to change accordingly. . Beginners will feel at a loss, taking care of the feet, not taking care of the hands, taking care of the hands and not taking care of the feet, and it is rare to get a good shot. Theoretically speaking, the number of correct moves is too small. The formation of a correct hitting skill requires accumulation of numbers to form conditioning. This is the reason why tennis is difficult to learn.
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C. My countermeasures:
Modern tennis ball machines have been around for nearly a century. But the mode of learning the ball has not changed, that is, standing and learning the ball. Whether it is short tennis or quick and easy tennis, beginners also learn to stand up. The result: Tennis is difficult to learn.
Starting this year, I launched the Shen Jianqiu natural tennis ball delivery machine and Shen Jianqiu natural tennis four-step teaching method. The ball feeder is hardware, and the four-step teaching method is software. Only with hardware and software can it work. Without hardware, the four-step teaching method cannot be taught. Because the first step of the four-step teaching method is sitting and practicing, which requires the accuracy of the delivery point, and Shen Jianqiu can achieve this.
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The four-step teaching method is for beginners, regardless of male, female, old or young. Contains all the basic tennis skills, earth-falling technology, and technology that doesn’t fall to the earth. You can learn quickly through the four-step teaching method, from the volleys and high pressures in front of the bottom line to the volleys and high pressures in front of the net.
The step 1: is to sit and play: learn how to swing the hand, including: holding the racket, leading the racket, and swinging the racket to hit the ball. Master the correct hitting point.
Step 2: Stand up and play: Learn to shift your body’s center of gravity from your right foot (holding the racket with your right hand) to your left foot. While the center of gravity is shifting, drive your arms to swing and hit the ball. Learn the coordination of hands and feet.
The step 3: walking and playing start from one step → five steps. Learn to pull the right foot (introduction), just like walking: when stepping forward with the right foot, the right hand is swinging back (the left hand is the left foot when holding the racket), and when the right foot is being pulled, the body The center of gravity is on the right foot. Then use the second step to complete the hitting action. From one step to five steps, as the distance gradually increases, the walking speed gradually increases.
Step 4: Run and fight. The steps of the fourth step and the third step are exactly the same, the difference lies in the speed. It’s as if the steps of walking and running are the same. Walking and running are the constant exchange of the body’s center of gravity on the left and right feet. To move the ball is to learn: the last step of the movement is to pull the racket with the right foot (when holding the racket with the right hand as the bottom line and hitting the ball).
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