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Tennis is a sport that integrates elegance, fashion, and health. It not only has the function of strengthening the body, but its cultural atmosphere of civilization, politeness and gentleman style also shapes the good sports concepts of people participating in this sport all the time , Even ideological and moral cultivation. And students are a group of extremely energetic, fashionable, thoughtful, insightful, and highly malleable. Therefore, constructing a healthy campus tennis culture is extremely important for cultivating students with good physical exercise and moral character. significance.

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Campus tennis is certainly not a new topic. Many universities and some middle schools in the country have opened tennis clubs and tennis courses, but the popularity of tennis on campus does not seem to be as smooth as expected. There are several of them. More prominent issues.

Courts problem

Tennis is a sport that relies more on the venue. At present, there are not many schools with large-scale standard tennis courts. It is even rarer for middle and elementary schools. Even if the school has one or two tennis courts, it is difficult to satisfy hundreds of tennis courts. Used by thousands of students.

Without enough venues for practice, no standardized training mode and assessment standards, it will naturally lead to a crisis of trust among students and parents in school tennis courses!

Coaching Problem

Tennis must be properly trained and qualified for the teaching work, and tennis is not suitable for one-to-many teaching, a coach can only train no more than 5 students at the same time, it is difficult to achieve a school education with a large class as a unit.

The direct consequence of this is that a student’s effective exposure to tennis in a tennis lesson is only a mere 2 minutes on average, which makes it difficult for students to feel the ball to achieve the purpose of practice, and hiring multiple teachers will greatly increase the cost of the school. expenditure.

Practice Problem

Tennis skills do not rely on simple theoretical knowledge to improve, it requires repeated practice and a lot of competition to hone.

The difficulty of tennis skills and the small number of participants in tennis have resulted in students not being able to find a suitable ball partner to exchange skills with themselves. Many schools do not have school-level tennis competitions and teams.

The boring exercises make students completely unable to experience the fun of tennis. This series of problems have seriously hindered the development of tennis in schools.

Security Problem

Safety is always the first red line in a child’s school life, whether it is for the school or for the parents!

In campus tennis practice, there are a large number of students and their levels are uneven. It is inevitable that accidental injuries will occur in hitting or tossing the ball. This has also caused some tennis teachers to dare not let their students practice.

Is there any way to change this status quo?The answer is yes.

Today, an intelligent training system of Doha Paradise will completely solve these stubborn diseases that hinder the development of campus tennis. This is the intelligent tennis ball training machine.

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The intelligent tennis ball training machine has many functions such as automatic serving, intelligent control, and intelligent editing of tennis teaching programs. The use of a series of technological methods can not only solve many problems encountered in tennis teaching, but also increase the efficiency of students’ tennis training by more than 10 times. .

The intelligent tennis training equipment can not only provide users with various tennis training modes such as bottom line, midfield, and front of the net, but also automatic two-way or multi-way cross serve, which is convenient for single forward and reverse running training or double training at the same time.

Its intelligent control system can bring great convenience for teaching, training or single use.

In the design, the different needs of amateurs and professional players are taken into consideration, and a variety of trainings with different technical stages are provided, which is suitable for the training needs of various classes of tennis students.

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From the initial stable movement to actual combat exercises, from simple swings to the intensive training of “muscle memory exercise”, you can quickly realize the transformation from a rookie to a professional.

The continuous and stable serving function greatly reduces the time of picking up the ball during training, and the automatic feeding of the ball frees the coach’s hands, so that the coach can have more time to devote himself to the personalized training of the students.

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Maximize the utilization of materials, venues and teachers. Through intelligent settings, you can freely set the fixed-point ball, two-line ball, horizontal random ball, and the speed, angle, frequency, etc. of the ball.

Whether it is entry or professional level students can train through the intelligent tennis training device, whether it is basic tennis skills or special practice on skills can achieve the purpose of maximizing training efficiency.

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The intelligent tennis training machine breaks the traditional teaching model. It can not only effectively solve the prominent problems of campus tennis teaching such as small venues, large numbers of people, and insufficient teachers, but also can effectively mobilize students’ enthusiasm and interest in learning, and the number of hits The increase can effectively increase the students’ sense of the ball and the ability to predict and react to the tennis course, improve the learning efficiency of tennis technology, and promote the healthy teaching and popularization of tennis in colleges and universities!

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Post time: Jul-01-2021
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