New Attractive tennis ball machine model for sale S2021C

Now a new affordable model for tennis ball machine on sale :

1.Intelligent remote control (Speed,frequency, angel, spin can be adjusted)
2.Humanized design, built-in ball outlet, training is more practical
3.Suitable for tennis training,competition etc.
4. The design of the machine is light and handy, and it can be placed in the rear trunk of any car after being folded, which is easy to carry.

siboasi shooing tennis machine

S2021c siboasi tennis machine :

Power 150W Color Black
Net weight 21KGS Frequency 2.0-6.0s/ball
DC 12v,5A AC 100-240V
Size: 53*43*76cm Ball capacity 150balls

cheap tennis ball machine

Parts list (Standard)
1.Machine 1pc 2. Remote control 1pc and batteries 1set
3. Ac power cord 1pc 4. Fuses 2pcs
5.Charger 1pc(optional) 6. 12V battery 1pc(optional)
7.Warranty card 1pc 6. Manual 1pc 

Remote control  :

Deep/Light ball

Remote control  :

Speed display area
 Landing display area
Frequency display area
 Power on/Off
Fixed-Point Ball
Random ball

ball machine tennis

Notes for using the tennis ball practice machine:

1.Do not use the machine in a wet court or rainy day, wet ball will cause ball stuck.

2. If hit the ball into the machine accidentally,turn off the power right away and then take out the ball

3.Clean the tennis fur or sundries in the machine regularly

4.Be sure to cut off the power when cleaning the machine,  otherwise maybe cause danger

5.Do not put the wet ball or other ball inside of machine

6.To avoid injury ,please do not stand around of the machine when it is working

cheapTennis ball machine cheap price

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Post time: Sep-03-2021
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