Olympic women’s basketball semifinals: American women’s basketball is the king

At 12:40 noon on August 6, Beijing time, the Olympic women’s basketball semi-finals kicked off. The defending champion American women’s basketball team faced the Serbian women’s basketball team. The American women’s basketball team is the number one favorite. The Tokyo Olympics has maintained a record of complete victory so far. Seville As the champions of the Shinco European Cup, the women’s basketball team performed relatively mediocre in this Olympics. In terms of state and strength, the US women’s basketball team is undoubtedly better!

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The Serbian women’s basketball team faced the traditional European team Spanish women’s basketball team in the group stage and lost 70-85 to its opponents. However, in the knockout round, they faced the Chinese women’s basketball team, which had won three games in the group stage. The defense caused 20+ mistakes in the Chinese women’s basketball team. Although they defeated the Chinese women’s basketball team, the strength of the Serbian women’s basketball team in this Olympics has dropped a lot. In particular, both the offensive and defensive ends of the interior have dropped by a notch. The interior lacks previous competition. Strength, the team is still aging, poor physical fitness, and being able to reach the semi-finals is a lot of luck. However, the Serbian women’s basketball team won the bronze medal in the Rio 2016 Olympics and won the European Cup this year. The most powerful team in the European women’s basketball team, the American women’s basketball team must not underestimate their opponents.

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The U.S. women’s basketball team ranks first in the world, and is currently ranked first in the latest Olympic women’s basketball strength list. It won three games and advanced to the quarter-finals with the first in the group. The defense is excellent, and the dominance is full, in a quarter. In the final, facing the Kangaroo Kingdom Australia women’s basketball team, it took only three quarters for the American women’s basketball team to completely beat Australia. Relying on the excellent performance of both offensive and defensive ends, they finally completed a 24 point victory. The team’s forward players played very well and defended. The end is not inferior to the other side, and the team has a strong sense of team combat. However, the US women’s basketball team is full of WNBA professional players. They have the strength of the female version of the “dream team”, and the win is only expected.

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In terms of tactical play, although the average age of Sevilla is as high as 30 years old, their physical strength is not bad. They are good at pressing the team to start the five tigers. Three of them are averaging in double figures. Power forward Brooks is the team’s offense and defense. At the core, the American women’s basketball team has performed well on both offensive and defensive ends. The players’ individual singles ability, physical fitness, and scoring ability are strong. Aja-Wilson and Stewart have too many advantages in the paint, and few opponents can defend it; Serbia Although it was able to advance to the top 4, the process was unpredictable, and the winning process was rather tangled. Under a comprehensive analysis, the Serbian women’s basketball team does not have the strength to compete with the US women’s basketball team.

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The U.S. women’s basketball team is still the biggest favorite to win this Olympics. The team’s squad is the main force and the goal is to hit the Olympics for seven consecutive championships. Since the 1996 Olympics, it has never let the champion fall behind, and it is more dominant than the U.S. men’s basketball team. Horror, lineup list, those are all well-known names in women’s basketball: Sue Bird, Wilson, Tao Lexi, Griena, Stewart, all superstars in women’s basketball, star figures in the wnba field, from history Look, the American women’s basketball team also has obvious advantages and talents come out in large numbers. From the perspective of the game style, it is very masculine. If there is no accident, this year’s Olympic gold medal is the American’s possession. At this point, it is really much more stable than the US men’s basketball team.

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Predict the starting lineups for both sides:

Team USA: Brianna, Sue Bird, Griena, Wilson, Tao Lexi, Gray

Serbia’s starting lineup: Brooks, Cavendakoc, Dabović, Krajisnik, Petrovic

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