Siboasi ball machine manufacturer welcomes the mayor of Jingshan City to visit

On June 29th, Siboasi ball training machines manufacturer welcomes Wei Mingchao, Mayor of Jingshan City, Hubei Province, Wang Hanfeng, Director of China Merchants Bureau, Fan Wei, Deputy Director of China Merchants Bureau, and Li Hongping, Deputy Director of Culture and Tourism Bureau for visiting and investigation.

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Mayor Wei and his entourage, accompanied by Siboasi chairman Wan Houquan, general manager Yang Guoqiang and other company management, visited and inspected the three major Siboasi bases (research base, production base, and business base) and the four major business segments of siboasi Doha sports Park, a national fitness and intelligent sports complex.

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After many inspections and personal experience of smart sports, Mayor Wei spoke highly of the Siboasi smart sports ball training machines equipment and the national fitness and smart sports complex.

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Jingshan Tennis Town is one of the 96 national sports and leisure characteristic town pilot projects approved by the State Sports General Administration. Mayor Wei welcomed Siboasi to Jingshan for investigation and investigation, and hoped to strengthen contact with Siboasi, increase understanding, and actively discuss Win-win business opportunities.

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The status quo of domestic tennis: Expensive, less venue, difficult to practice

Tennis, as the second largest sport in the world, started relatively late in China, but with the continuous improvement of Chinese people’s awareness and participation in physical fitness, tennis has become a cutting-edge fashion sport with its elegant movements and elegant taste. It is widely accepted and loved by people

However, tennis has not yet become a popular street fashion like badminton and basketball. Some more realistic problems may be a major reason. First of all, some tennis clubs are indeed expensive. This has also led to the current peak of tennis competition in my country but the weak mass base. In the current situation, many people want to play tennis but cannot find a satisfactory ball partner and suitable sports venue. Although campus tennis has emerged, it is difficult for the traditional tennis training model to adapt to the school education system. The young people lack correct guidance and sufficient practice to cultivate an interest in tennis

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In this environment, the tennis intelligent training system came into being. Siboasi playing tennis machine equipment covers training systems for people of different levels ranging from beginners to advanced, from children to adults, and integrates entertainment and training. The technology-based equipment-assisted teaching not only improves training dozens of times It’s time to effectively touch the ball, and it doesn’t even need to be done in a standard tennis court. As long as the size of the court is suitable, tennis practice can be done anywhere. It is of great significance to the daily teaching and tennis enlightenment of tennis players.

Fun Tennis Training device

Including tennis swing trainer and tennis practice bevel net, it is a series of intelligent training equipment specially developed by Siboasi to quickly improve tennis skills. It can regulate the players’ forehand, backhand and chipping movements during training, and improve quickly Basic tennis skills. In addition, there is no need for the rigid requirements of traditional tennis practice such as tennis courts and ball partners in the practice. There is no need to pick up the ball. You can practice comprehensive skills such as batting action, extreme endurance, and court moving speed anytime and anywhere. It is a good partner for beginners. It is difficult to think whether you can play tennis.

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Foam Tennis Ball learning Machine

The foam tennis ball learning machine can be a child’s toy or an enlightenment teacher for children’s tennis, making tennis training more interesting, especially suitable for kindergartens, elementary schools, enriching campus fun, and cultivating children’s interest in tennis

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Tennis ball practice machine

It is a perfect substitute for players to complete the tossing procedure and be able to deliver the ball continuously and steadily. As long as the players control the timing, intensity and angle of the shot, they can continue to practice the shot and enjoy the pleasure of hitting wantonly

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Smart siboasi tenis ball machine

The intelligent tennis training machine can not only provide users with various training modes such as bottom line, midfield, and pre-net, but also automatic two-way or multi-way cross serve, which is convenient for single forward and reverse running training or double training at the same time. The intelligent control system can bring great convenience to teaching, training or single use. The design takes into account the different needs of amateurs and professional players, and provides “multiple training” with different technical stages, suitable for The training needs of tennis students of all classes, from initial stable movements to practical exercises, from simple swings to intensive training of “muscle memory exercise”, will allow you to quickly transform from a rookie to a professional.

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All in all, the series of smart tennis training device equipment developed by Siboasi breaks the traditional tennis teaching model. It can not only effectively solve the prominent problems such as the small number of venues generally faced by tennis, the large number of people in tennis teaching, and the lack of teachers, but also Effectively mobilize the enthusiasm of tennis lovers to learn, improve the learning efficiency of tennis technology, thereby promoting the popularization of teaching and healthy development of China’s tennis industry!

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