Siboasi basketball rebounding machine

Are you looking for a good automatic basketball shooting ball machine for your own club training or for your own training ? Comparing some brands , but do not know how to choose ? do not know which brand is suitable for you ?

Here would show out more details for Siboasi basketball training machines for you to check , more and more people from global market choose siboasi brand shooting machines , Why they choose siboasi basketball shooting machine ? If Siboasi basketball rebounding ball machine is not good, they would not pay to buy it .

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Show you now the good advantages of it comparing to other brands :

    • Siboasi basketball machine could shoot spin ball as other brand which can not shoot;
    • The shooting construct is with squeezing system to shoot out ball ;
    • Shooting out balls are in strong strength and could be far enough ;
    • More optional models for choose : Remore control model, smart watch model ,App model , kids models , Adult models etc.
    • Manufacturer selling directly to market : siboasi has its own factory ,quality and after-sales service could be guaranteed.
    • Fast and safe delivery

Introduce two kinds of siboasi basketball automatic shooting machines for you to choose :

1.  K1900 adult basketball ball shooting machine with remote control :

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Model: K1900  Basketball Shooting Machine with remote control
Origine: From China
Supply Power: AC110-240V
Power: 150W
Horizontal Angle: 180 Degree
Weight: 127 kgs
Packing Volume: 94*68*185 CM
Color: Black,blue for choose
Frequency: 2.5-10S/ball
Ball capacity: 5 pcs
Ball size Size 6 and 7 both are ok


2.  K1800 adult basketball ball shooting machine  :

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Model: K1800 Basketball machine-No remote control
Origine: Made in China
Power: AC110-240V
Weight: 120 kgs
Color: Black,blue, yellow
Frequency: 2.3-6S/ball
Ball capacity: 5 pcs
Ball size Size 6 and 7 -both are ok


Both models are very popular in global market , especially the K1900 remote conrol model, as it is very convenient to use in the court. Could use remote control to operate it at any time you want . Welcome to contact us for buying it or if you are interested in doing business for our siboasi basketball machines , highly welcomed . Looking forward to hearing from you soon.





Post time: Dec-31-2021
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