Strong alliance, win-win cooperation: Siboasi joins hands with Jin Changsheng

On January 19th, Siboasi who produce ball machines (Tennis ball shooting machine, badminton training machine, stringing machine, basketball training machine, soccer ball training machine, volleyball training machine, squash ball shooting machine etc. ) and the AI ​​artificial intelligence research and development team Jin Changsheng signed an in-depth cooperation agreement based on the AI ​​intelligence scene of sports intelligence equipment at the Siboasi headquarters, and reached a strategic cooperation.

The global leading brand of smart sports industry Siboasi and Jinchangsheng signed the first bilateral strategic cooperation agreement on resources and technology in the 2021 Year of the Ox, which marks another step forward for Siboaz in the layout of the smart sports industry. An important step.

ball machine for training

Picture ▲Chairman Siboasi Wanhouquan (left), Chairman Jin Changsheng and Li Shengxiong (right)

Combine strong forces to achieve a win-win strategy. Siboasi and Jinchangsheng strategically deploy the global smart sports industry. Jinchangsheng has been operating AI, AOI, AIOT, smart badminton racket manufacturing, and AI cloud integration systems for many years. It has many years of experience in sports venues and sports training courses, and can integrate with partners Advantages: Build “innovative industry advantages” to jointly promote sports intelligence, realize the two innovative integration systems of “smart players” and “smart coaches”, and accelerate the sports industry to achieve the goals of sports data, sports science, and sports medicine.

“Smart Player”: Through the “Professional Player Game Video”, the game path signal can be sent to the “distributed six-head ball machine” after being analyzed by the “AI Integration System” to simulate the game player’s game path at the time, and train the players to correspond The score can be displayed in the “Score Brand” in real time through the “Camera” and “Smart Badminton Racket”.

“Smart Coach”: Through the “Leveled Examination Course” or “Professional Coach Course”, the training course signal can be sent to the “distributed six-head ball machine” after being analyzed by the “AI integrated system”, simulated test or coach training course, The corresponding results of the training players can be displayed on the “scoring billboard” in real time through the “camera” and “smart badminton racket”. The AI ​​integration system can also automatically allocate the ball according to the weaker part of the training player for enhanced training, achieving accurate science Chemical training.

Siboasi has been doing one thing for 15 years: committed to innovation and development in the field of smart sports equipment, and pushing the industry to new heights with its perseverance in technological innovation and product research and development. As the chairman of Siboasi Wanhouquan said: “Siboasi is determined to bring health and happiness to all mankind, to realize the big dream of sports, and to contribute to the realization of a sports power and the health of all mankind.”


Post time: Mar-15-2021
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