Suggestions for children to learn tennis

A. What is the fundamental significance of children learning tennis?

During years of teaching experience, I have encountered many parents who are not very clear about the advantages and significance of children learning tennis. For these, my answer is: learning tennis is the best way to cultivate children during their growth. If budget is allowed, using tenis ball training machine to train will be recommended.

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The correct participation in any other sports can achieve physical fitness, exercise the child’s coordination, agility, flexibility, exercise rhythm, and improve psychological quality. Tennis is also the same, but for tennis, tennis has its own characteristics. special place. Since the birth of tennis, it has always enjoyed the reputation of “gentleman’s sport” and “aristocratic sport”. Tennis players’ behavior and behavior on the court have higher requirements. In the process of playing alone, no one can help the child. If he wants to win the game, the child must constantly adjust his state between points and points, he must learn to control his emotions, and neither can give up negative games, nor If you are too aggressive and lose your composure, even if you lose the final game, you must put down the game, step forward and shook hands with your opponent heartily and congratulate them, and then work harder in practice in order to win the next game. Therefore, for children to play tennis, it is very important to be able to cultivate their excellent qualities, because the quality of the game is like a character, and the quality of the game is popular.

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B. How much time and energy does it take for children to learn tennis, and how to choose training institutions, coaches, rackets and venues for children.

For children, it is best to learn tennis training time two to three times a week. Each time you add warm-up activities and relax and stretch after class does not exceed two hours, because now there are many projects in children’s spare time courses, such as playing piano and painting. Painting and so on. If tennis training is arranged only once a week, it is difficult to shape the training movements and can not form muscle memory for children. After a week, they will forget half of what they learned last week and can only start again. In this case, children learn very slowly and make little progress. The most interesting part of tennis is to play against the net and the game. If the child has one class a week, after a period of learning, the progress is slow and he cannot play. Playing back and forth with the game will affect the children’s self-confidence and sense of accomplishment, and reduce their interest in tennis. Therefore, it is best to have two or three lessons a week to allow children to quickly learn tennis skills and form muscle memory. Parents can also reduce a certain financial burden.

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In the process of selecting tennis training institutions, many tennis training institutions have uneven quality, so parents can focus on the following key points:

1. Whether there is a training qualification certified by a professional organization.

2. What is the qualification of the coaching team.

3. Have you ever cultivated outstanding players?

4. Whether to organize coaches to study and improve the teaching level of coaches.

5. The length of time the trainees have been trained in this institution.

6. The coaches should dress up to their appearance, training equipment and venue hygiene.

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A good training institution can provide corresponding coaches according to students of different levels, and can help students plan training programs and training time. At the same time, they can arrange internal competitions for students to improve their ability to compete, as well as physical training, and improve their physical fitness and skills. .

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In the process of selecting a tennis coach, parents can understand and observe from several aspects and choose a coach.

1. The coach’s qualifications. Coaches with coach qualification certification have a unique teaching system and teaching error correction methods, which can prevent children from taking detours on the way to learn to play. Now the internationally certified coach qualification certificates are: International Tennis Federation ITF coach qualification certification, PTR International Professional Tennis Coaches Association qualification certification, USPTA American Professional Coaches Association qualification certification, these certifications require serious study and strict examinations to get the certificate.

2. The coach’s coaching attitude. Choosing a certified coach is just a threshold. Excellent coaches will dress neatly and arrive on time. They will be passionate on the court and drive the emotions of the students. They will encourage the children instead of criticizing the students: “You are wrong again” “You will” Can’t play ball”.

3. The coaching ability of the coach. In a class, the coach must constantly change the training content to avoid a single boring training project. In the class, he will only stand at the other end of the court to deliver the ball to the students and only say: “Good ball, come on, next”, this way There must be a problem with the coaching ability.

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For children, tennis is originally a “game” (game) that can make children feel happy and happy in the game of tennis, can gradually increase the difficulty so that children can feel progress, and can quickly and effectively find and correct children’s mistakes , This is what a good coach should do.

General training classes have trial classes, and the charged class hours are generally charged based on ten classes or one month of class hours, so if you choose the wrong training class at the beginning, there is also time to change it in time

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