The basic skills of playing tennis

In current world, more and more people like to learn playing tennis ,and some companies also develop and produce out automatic tennis shooting training machines for tennis players , like siboasi tennis machine and lobster tennis ball machine etc. , here show out some playing tennis skills for learners to check below, hope could help.


Serving tennis ball :
The shortest way for the receiver to score is to score directly. In order to increase the probability of returning the ball, he must first master certain skills. Just like finding that the pitcher’s flaws are extremely advantageous when playing baseball, it is important to see the flaws of the starter to receive a serve and attack. Specific steps are as follows:

1. Stand in a good position while determining where the ball is coming from.

2. After standing in the position, turn around with the left shoulder quickly and agilely. At this time, only turn around.

3. At the moment of hitting the ball, hold the racket tightly so that it does not vibrate.

4. In the final follow-up action, continue to swing the racket straight in the direction of the racket head, and then return naturally.

We can easily see the change in the speed of the ball after receiving the serve. It is necessary to realize the importance of interception for faster serve. Pay attention to turn around and hit the ball back. You don’t need to close your body by a large margin, basically just use the skills of hitting the earth in baseball to hit the ball.

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Quick tackle
In modern tennis, the upspin is the mainstream, and the technique often used is rush interception.

Rush interception is not so much a volley, as it is a baseline dribble. This is especially the hitting method frequently used by rebounders.

Forehand tackle

1. When the opponent’s ball flies, move forward quickly.

2. Hit the ball in the position where you can make the most of it. The key is to think that you are about to make a winning blow

3. The movement range with the ball should be large, and the posture should be adjusted quickly to meet the next shot.

Backhand tackle

1. When hitting a backhand, most players use a two-handed grip.

2. Place the racket head parallel to the ball. In order to successfully intercept the ball, you must exhaust your whole body at the moment of hitting the ball.

3. The same method as the winning ball, in order not to sprain the wrist, then use the wrist movement to follow the swing.

Although the ball is flying at a high altitude, there is no need to hit the ball at shoulder height. It’s better to wait for the ball to fall between the chest and waist before hitting it, which is easier to use. Remember to use the topspin methods of the rebounder to play.

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Topspin high ball skills

A. The so-called topspin high ball refers to the use of dribbling technology to make the opponent miss the opportunity to go online. Because it is an offensive shot, the topspin high ball is different from the ordinary high ball, and there is no need to imagine the trajectory too high.

1. Retract while estimating the position of the opponent’s volley.

2. Pull the ball for a while, so that the opponent misses the opportunity to go online.

3. Use wrist movements directly from bottom to top to swing higher with the ball movement, that is, strong rotation can be added.

B. The wrist action of quickly and forcefully rubbing the ball from the bottom up is the key to a successful shot. The retracting action is the same as a normal bounce ball. Before hitting the ball, hold the racket head down and wipe away from bottom to top. You don’t have to hit too high, as long as you can roughly make the ball pass the opponent by two or three beats higher than the racket. Pay attention to swinging to the right side of the head with the ball. This is also the skill of first-class professional players.

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Net low ball skills

This is a commonly used hitting method on clay courts. Especially suitable for opponents moving back and forth not too fast, and women’s competitions. Pay attention to the posture not to overturn your head, otherwise you will be seen through by the other party.

1. The essentials are to strike the ball forward and put in a posture that prevents the opponent from seeing through

2. Be fully relaxed when hitting the ball, and be careful not to feel wrong due to tension.

3. Add top spin on the basis of the cut to speed up the spin of the return ball.


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