What else can you practice alone, without a tennis ball machine, and no wall?

Many golfers asked: What else can you practice without tennis shooting machine?

“Three nos” practice method

1. Pace practice
Tennis is a veritable sport under the feet. Without a good pace, tennis has no soul. Pace practice is definitely a good choice when you are alone. Simply prepare some tools to play.

For specific practice methods, please refer to historical articles: Comprehensive practice of tennis agility, speed, and pace, teaching you how to use rope ladders and elastic bands!

2. Self-throwing
What if no one feeds the ball and wants to practice batting? You can only throw yourself away!
Step forward, turn your body to prepare for the shot and maintain this position, throw the ball 45 degrees in front of you, and then swing the bat to hit the ball.

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The same is true for the SLR, stepping with legs apart-turning to maintain a ready position-throwing the ball-swinging the ball. Unlike the forehand, the SLR throws the ball from the bottom of the racket.

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It is the most difficult to throw the ball in double reverses, and it is difficult to complete the coherent action of tossing and hitting in a short period of time.
Step forward, turn your shoulders and prepare to hit the ball. It is recommended that you hold the racket with one hand with your left hand and toss the ball with your right hand. Because the right hand is right in front of the body and is the dominant hand, not only the movement is very smooth but also the throwing quality is high. After throwing the ball, hold the clap hand and hold the racket and swing the bat.

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If the ball is thrown without a clap hand, the throwing and swinging of the ball will be restricted.

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After mastering the fixed-point self-throwing and self-playing, you can try exercises such as lateral movement or upstroke or toss the ball in turn with the forehand and backhand.

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3. Put the ball
Place the ball on the net belt (leaning to the side of your court), let the ball fall naturally to simulate the scene of the opponent putting a small ball, then tilt the racket slightly, gently hook the ball to the net and pass it to the area near the net line In the two small ball baskets, the hand feeling of putting the ball back is extremely exercised.

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4. Strengthening exercises
Standing on one foot and stacking cups on the lower waist have a good training effect on improving balance.

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Solid ball tossing training can not only effectively enhance the core strength of the body, but also can better experience the feeling of pushing forward and hitting the ball.

Lower limbs
Kettlebell training is one of the best exercises to experience the transmission of power from the lower body to the upper body.
You can also train the absolute strength of the legs.

Use a marked mat to practice, keep changing different practice modes, and improve the agility of the soles of the feet.
5. Other

When you are alone, you can also try to hit the ball or throw and catch the ball, which can not only exercise the ball feel but also act as a good skill.

After throwing the ball into the air, straighten your arms, stand the racket head upright, close the racket face to the ball, and move the racket down synchronously with the falling speed and trajectory of the ball. Finally, turn your wrist about the chest position and place the racket face flat so that the ball is almost Falling on the racket without bouncing.

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Post time: Mar-16-2021
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