Volleyball trainer shooting machine S6638

Volleyball trainer shooting machine S6638

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Siboasi volleyball shooting machine is suitable to use at schools,volleyball pavilions, clubs,training institutions,sports-towns,health-towns etc., it has full ball shooting functions to make trainers more effective in training.

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Item Name: Volleyball training shooting machine S6638

Warranty years:

2 years for our volleyball trainer machine

Product size: 114CM *66CM *320 CM (The height could be adjusted) After-sales service: Pro After-sales Department supporting
Power (Electricity): AC in 110V to 240V -as different countries Machine Net Weight: 170 KGS
Ball capacity: Hold 30 balls Packing measurement: Packed in Wooden case:126 CM *74.5 CM *203 CM
Frequency: 4-6.5 Second/ball Packing Gross Weight After packed in 210 KGS

Overview for siboasi Volleyball trainer shooting machine :

Siboasi volleyball shooting machine is suitable to use at schools, volleyball pavilions, clubs, training institutions, sports-towns, health-towns etc., it has full ball shooting functions to make trainers more effective in training.

siboasi volleyball shooting machine

Great important parts for the machine :

1.The copper core motor: it is the heart of machine shooting;

2.Full function intelligent remote control:could adjust speed,frequency,setting different drills etc.;

siboasi volleyball training machine

3.Strong and durable moving wheels: wheels are with solid brake;

4.With double rods design: help to move it to the place easily;

volleyball shoot machine

5. With automatic lifting system,the max.height up to be 3.27 Meters;

6. High tech adjusting system for angles: could adjust to shoot smash ball and adjust to shoot dig ball for training ;

7. Hard-wearing shooting wheels:special material on surface to help better shooting;

8. Unique ball capacity system : 30 balls to make training lasting and effective;

volleyball drills training equipment

Functions of our this volleyball launching ball machine:

1. Could playing Dig ball: frontal dig, step dig, side-arm dig,low dig,one-hand dig, back dig, sprawl rolling dig, diving save and blocking ;

2. Curving, ceiling ;

3. Blocking: single and combination blocking;

4. Spike, Passing etc.

5. Vertical 100 degrees;

6. Horizontal angle adjusting;

volleball serving machine

Drills showing for your check:

1. 6 kinds of cross training program;

2. High and low combination training;

3. Horizontal swing training program;

4. Random training program;

5. Vertical swing training program;

6. Fixed points ball training ;

volleyball shooting training machine
volleyball drills shooting machine

2 years warranty for our volleyball shoot machine :

volleyball training machine service

Wooden case packing for volleyball throwing machine (very safe shipping):

football ball shooting machine

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