buy s3025 badminton training machine

buy s3025 badminton training machine

Short Description:

1. Factory directly sale with cheap cost for all our badminton shooting machines ;

2.Two years warrant, Lifetime maintenance ;

3.Buy our badminton training machines for improving your badminton skill ;

4.CE certificates and SGS certificates for your safety guarantee;

5.No worry at all that no one around to play with you if you have one ;

6.With moving wheels ,could move it easily around ;

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The specification for S3025 badminton feeding machine :

Item Name : Badminton training machine S3025 Product Net Weight: 21 KGS
Product size: 118*118*230 CM(Height could adjust) Packing size (3 ctns): 16*16*133cm/68*34*38cm/58*53*51cm
Electricity: AC in 100V-240V as differnt countries Packing total Gross Weight : In 34 KGS
Battery: No battery for this model Ball capacity: 180 pcs
Machine Power: 120 W Battery (external): No battery for this model
Parts: Remote control,power cord Warranty: We have 2 years warranty for machines
Frequency: 1.2-4.5S/per ball Elevation angle: -18 to 35 degrees

badminton shooting machine siboasi

The highlights of S3025 badminton playing machine :

1. High performance photoelectric sensor;

2.Manual pitching angle service system ;

3. Automatic horizontal angle swing of 33 degree, horizontal random ball;

4.The bottom end of triangle bracket is equipped with brake moving wheels which is easy to move and fast fold;

5. There are two-line function,three-line shooting ball function,backcourt high and far shooting ball , lob shooting ball functions;

6.Horizontal random ball ; Fixed-point ball shooting;

7.Adjustable speed and frequencey;

8.There are red color and black color for options;


The drills showing below for you to check :

1. short distance shooting ball training;

2.Long distance shooting ball training;

3.Two line & three line ball shooting training;

4.Near net ball shooting training;

5.Horizontal ball shooting training etc .

badminton shooting machine badminton feeding machine shuttlecock training device


The accessories for this shuttlecock shooting machine model :

3025 shuttlecock coach machine

Remote control  showing and componets of this 3025 badminton teaching machine:

badminton tutor device

Very safe packing for shipping out :

badminton shooting device

See what our clients say about for our badminton machines :

Badminton training machine B1600

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