Siboasi badminton feeding machine With Mobile App control S4025C

Siboasi badminton feeding machine With Mobile App control S4025C

Short Description:

1. New Badminton training machine model with APP control ;

2.Also could choose to add remote control and Smart Watch ;

3.Both battery and electric power  ;

4.Big ball capacity : about 1800-200 balls;

5.Plug to meet different countries;

6.Two years warranty;

7.Fast delivery :USA warehouse and Europe warehouse ;

8.Most competitive cost in market currently;

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Siboasi badminton shuttles feeding machine with Mobile App model for sale :

Automatic Shooting Badminton Training Equipment Siboasi model :


S4025C badminton training machine has the most functions among single head badminton machines of SIBOASI. You can programe the shootings to customize your drills. Or you can just use the preseted drills for regular practice. It comes with a battery for 4 hours training if AC power is not convenient to you. It aids you to improve your badminton skills more quickly, as you are able to repeat your returns at short interval in a relatively real situation. Please check following video and pictures to know more.


Item Model: S4025C

1. Intelligent Badminton training Equipment.
2. App control model .
3. Fixed point ball, horizontal swing, 6kinds of cross line balls, vertical swing, three-line ball, speed adjustment, stepless fine-tuning, 3 kinds of two-line ball, frequency adjustment, deep and light ball, random ball.
4. Full automatic lifting.
5. The serving height is up to 7.5 meters with perfect smash function.
6. Intelligent droppoint programming, self program different modes of training.
7. The battery working time is 3-4 hours to let you train anywhere and anytime.
8. Suitable for any badminton use ( nylon ball, plastic ball, badminton, etc).
Model S4025C siboasi model
Speed 20-140KM/H
Frequency 1.2-6S/Ball
Ball Capacity 200Balls
Lifting 20-70CM
Vertical By APP or remote control
Weight 31 KGS
Battery external battery
Working Time about 4 Hours
Accessories App control, power cable, charger, manual.

What kind of shuttlecocks can be used with the S4025C app model  ?
Feather shuttles with broken or missing feathers are more likely to snag another shuttle, so that two might be launched together.
Shot quality and shot consistency are best with shuttlecocks in good condition. Shuttles in bad condition are best for drills where accuracy is less important.
When loading the carousel with new shuttles, make sure that the shuttles are not stuck together.

Will the S4025C worked with the used shuttles?
The S4025C will work with used shuttlecocks as long as their condition will allow them to feed properly. Feather shuttlecocks with broken feathers are more likely to snag another shuttle, in which case two might be ejected together. Bear in mind that shot quality and shot consistency are best with shuttlecocks in good condition. Shuttles in bad condition are best for drills where accuracy is not as important.


1. Professional intelligent sports equipment manufacturer.
2. 160+ Exported countries; 300+ Employees.
3. 100% Inspection, 100% Guaranteed.
4. Perfect After-Sale: Two years warranty.
Warranty – 24 months from delivery
In the event of a problem that the owner cannot solve alone:

Contact us by phone or email with a description of the problem. Photos and video are always helpful.
Based on the information we receive, it may be possible to fix the problem using telephone or e-mail support.
If the problem requires a replacement part that the owner can easily change, that part will be shipped by SIBOASI
or the local representative. If the problem cannot be resolved in these ways, then we will present the necessary steps to fix the S4025C .

Feedback from Clients for Siboasi Badminton Machine:

automatic shoot shuttle machine badminton automatic machine best siboasi badminton machine

Specifications of S4025C model :

Model: S4025C Badminton shuttles feeding machine APP control Frequency: 1.4-5.5 second/per ball
Machine size: 105cm *105 cm *305 cm Big ball capacity: About 180-200 pieces
Power Supply: AC POWER:110V-240V With Battery : Chargable battery :last about 3-4 hours
Power : 360 W Warranty: Two years
Machine Net Weight: 31 KGS -easy to carry around After-sales service: Professional Siboasi after-sales Team
Packing: 2 CTNS Color : Black ,Red

shuttlecock shooting shuttle machine with app

The advantages of this Badminton shuttlecock feeding machine App model :

  • 1. Mobile App control as standard — also could add remote and watch control ,but extra cost;
  • 2.Full functions : Net trainging , smash training ,cross training, two line & three line training , fixed point training , vertical & horizontal training  etc.
  • 3.Chargeable battery for playing anywhere you like ;
  • 4.Electric power is also available ;
  • 5.Fast delivery if you require;
  • 6.Currently in the most competitve cost now ;

Badminton shuttle feeding machine app

 More details below of this App control badminton training machine model :

Siboasi badminton machine app_01 Badminton machine with app_02 badminton shooting machine App_03 shuttlecock shooting machine app_04 badminton feeding machine with app_05 badminton shuttle feeding machine with app_06 siboasi feeding badminton machine_07 training badminton machine _08 shooting badminton machine_09 badminton trainer device app_10 buy badminton machine app _11 training shuttlecock machine_12 feeding badminton device_13 shooting badminton device_14


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