S3015 tennis ball machine

S3015 tennis ball machine

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1. Siboasi brand -factory supplied directly;

2. Buying 1 unit is ok ;

3. Welcome to do business with us ;

4. Having clients from more than 100 countries;

5. 2 years warranty without any worrying for clients ;

6.Using more than 10 years without any problems;

7.How to buy the tennis machine : contact us by email or by phone immediately for your buying;

8.Where to buy the tennis ball shooting machine : Contact us for the buying or business

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Intelligent tennis ball training machine S3015 model :

For this model, a lot of clients like it ,the design is unique, look very elegant and attractive

Tennis robot for training


Specifications of the model :

Model: S3015 Siboasi Tennis ball machine Power: AC110-240V
Machine size: 53cm *43cm*76cm Machine Net Weight: 22 kgs
Speed of machine: From 20km/h to 140 km/h Packing measurement: 67*57*67 cm /0.256 CBM
Frequency: 2s/ball–6S/ball Battery : Chargeable battery built inside of the machine
Ball capacity: about 150 pcs Battery lasting: About 3-4 hours per full charging
Packing Gross Weight 31 kgs Battery charging : Charging about 10 hours for full -red light to green light


The highlights of s3015 siboasi tennis ball machine:

1.Humanized design,built-in ball outlet,practical training;

2.Internal chargeable battery ,it is lithium battery,normally per full charging, lasting about 3-4 hours;

3.Full-functions intelligent remote control-speed,frequency,angle,spin etc.

4. For this model, it has 6 kinds of cross-line shooting training;

5. Could play deep-light ball, two-line ball, three-line ball ;

6.Full-court random ball function ;

7.Fixed-point ball training;

8.Deep,light,cross line recirculating ball function;


The accessories together with the machine and the drills in pictures showing for you to understand more below :

Tennis shooting ball machine

Tennis launching device Tennis shoot machine



The remote control instruction for s3015 tennis machine :

1. Power button ;

2.Work/pause button;

3.Speed and frequency buttom;

4. Topspin and backspin button;

5. Random ball button ;

6. Other drill button: two-line,three-line,cross-line etc.


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Good safety packing to ship out :

Tennis ball machine cheap



Good comments from our customers :


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